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Bored at home? Stuck at the DMV? Want to ignore your co-workers? Here’s a list of 7 addicting games to download and play to pass the time:

1. 80 Days Game

The year is 1872 and Phileas Fogg has wagered that he circumnavigate the world in 80 days. In this adventure game you will find yourself traveling all over the world (even while in quarantine…too soon COVID-19?) buying and selling market items, managing finances, and looking over their masters health. But be wary of the choices you make in this game, as it will greatly impact on how your journey proceeds. Time Magazine named 80 Days 2014’s game of the year, and with a resume like that it’s no wonder it made our list.

2. Beglitched

If you have ever had dreams of becoming a sparkly pastel cyberhacker, well then we have just the game for you. Beglitched is a game that takes elements from the games we know and love such as Minesweeper and Bejeweled and throws them into the cybernet. It’s up to you, now known as the Glitch Witch, to “clean-up” the Flowernet from the enemies that the original Glitch Witch attracted. Basically, if you thought the idea of the matrix was rad – these developers just threw a pink bow on it.

3. 868-HACK

While on the theme of computer hacking, 868-HACK is another gem in the iOS app store. In this cyberpunk game you take on the role as a computer hacker and have to steal data before a defense program destroys it. The best thing about it is that all of the hacking is done via dial-up. While it is quite addicting, this one may not be for the simple scroll time, as it is very much a strategy game and will pick your brain apart, one wrong move and that’s game over man. But as the developer himself stated, download the data, escape, or be deleted alive.

4. Draw Something

Sometimes it’s cool to be social while having your nose buried in your phone. Draw Something is a social based drawing guessing game, and with over 7 billion drawings created you could say this game is definitely addicting. No prior art classes required, just the ability to draw a beastly [pun intended] stick figure.

5. Datawing

The graphics might scream two dimensional but the game play is anything but. At first glance, Datawing seems like one of those retro arcade games that your parents boasted about, but in actuality, it is a minimalistic masterpiece where it’s not just a racing game but a full blown adventure story. We don’t want to blow the narrative for you but we will advise you to download this free app as soon as you’re done reading this blog. Dan Vogt, you are genius.

6. The Firm

Typically we would stick it to the man, but with this game we can’t deny that we enjoy the Tinder-like swipe interaction of this game. I mean who wouldn’t want to be a BEAST of their own trading firm. If I were you, I would swipe right on this one real fast.

7. Life is Strange

If you have a bit more time on your hands, or you want to avoid the awkward morning conversation with your coworkers, this is a game you have to get jiggy with. Coming from the /r/pcmasterrace, Life is Strange mobilized and is now in your hands. This episodic graphic adventure video game follows Max and her friend Chloe in uncovering the truth about what really happened to Amber, once they have realized that Max can rewind time. Ever seen the Butterfly Effect? Ya, it’s like that but in video game form.