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With our new “norm” of working from home, wearing face masks and social distancing, everyone has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and marketers have had to switch gears and adapt quickly.

Consumer behavior trends have shifted drastically as most people are at home. There has been an increase in broadcast and cable television, and the struggle for entertainment is real. People are downloading more game apps on their phones, spending even more time on social media, and using streaming services like Netflix and Hulu like there’s no tomorrow. 

The idea of convenience has skyrocketed as delivery services like DoorDash and GrubHub partner with restaurants, events have moved online using the “live” features on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, and happy hour has moved over to FaceTime and Zoom.  

So what does this mean for marketers? Well, we have to continue to prepare and adapt. 

How to shift marketing efforts during the coronavirus pandemic 

  1. Staying on top of what’s trending, analyzing consumer behavior and creating helpful and conscious content will be key players in marketing strategies moving forward.
  2. Host live events online to make your audience feel like they are right there with you. No one is expecting picture perfect videos or for you to look camera ready. More than ever, people want real, they want to be able to relate to others and brands that they love. Read here on how to host a successful virtual event. 
  3. Every business has probably had issues with sales. If sales are down, use this time to really connect with consumers via social media. Creating awesome content that your audience will get excited about will give your brand a whole new level of “likes.” Pro tip: use this time to really brand yourself/business. Work on that website that needs updated photos or take a deep dive into your branding and see if there’s a need for improvement, or enhance your skill set – learning never stops!
  4. As consumers stay home, they are obviously not messing up your clothing racks in-store or leaving bread crumbs and mugs all over your coffee shop and seeing your awesome in-store branding and advertisements. With cities becoming ghost towns, digital advertising has become even more crucial than ever. Focus on SEO, digital ads on Google, social media ads, and direct mail to advertise to your customers.
  5. Don’t exploit the pandemic and become those horrible, annoying marketers that give us a bad name. Compassion in advertising will be helpful in keeping brands in a positive light. Content centered around mental and physical health during the pandemic will be appreciated by consumers. Ask yourself how your brand and messaging relate to these topics? Most people are fed up with the negativity that has surrounded them the past few months, so engage on content that keeps your audience entertained and optimistic. Need some help with that? Go watch a bunch of TikTok videos and take some notes – users are creating fun videos centered around dances, trends and yes, there are a ton of funny videos about being stuck at home. 


There is an unquestionable shift to digitalisation taking over. Businesses are all having to put their thinking caps on to operate and advertise in new ways. This is a learning process for everyone and we all just have to take the hit and say “okay what’s next, how can we adapt?” with a smile on our face while sitting in our pajamas.