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The client

Lanyap came to BEAST with an idea and only an idea. To make an app where consumers could sell, buy and chat. With one unique feature/twist, users could help sellers sell their products for a cut (or lagniappe) of the amount sold. Needless to say, it was an interesting app and we had to work on it.

The brief

It was fairly simple. Name the app, brand the app and design the app. So basically, start from scratch – which is what we LOVE to do!

The solution

We did a lot of research based on some of the client’s wants/needs and we ran into a wonderful word…

noun: lagniappe; plural noun: lagniappes
def: something given as a bonus or extra gift.

Everyone fell in love with the name, so we flew with it. We created their logo and developed their brand with typography and a color palette based on their origin city of New Orleans! Once we had their brand in place we started to design how the app would look and function once it was fully developed. This project was nothing short of being FUN and amazing. We love working with new ideas and bringing them to life for our partners. 

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