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As we all know we have been quarantined at home due to the Coronavirus and probably have been exhausting all the shows that the various streaming devices have given us. Well the Beasts want to shake things up and give you a list of music that will allow you to get groovin’ to something while chilling in your home. Check out our list of the Top 10 Spotify Playlists you should be jammin’ too to pass the time. 

1. Your Own Release Radar

We can tell you what kind of music to listen to, and trust me our suggestions are beastly, but sometimes you have to look within and your Release Radar is the place to do just that. This playlist is craftily designed to present you the newest hits of your liked artists. Nothing is better than hearing the newest hits from your fav artists especially when you’re stuck at home and you’ve binged everything on Netflix. 

2. Guilty Pleasures

What better time than now to indulge your secret music guilty pleasures. Not going to lie Ashley’s O “On a Roll” has been played a few times while writing this blog. This list has decades of those songs that we all know that you know the words too but may not admit. Spotify beautifully mashed genres upon genres of songs for you to jump around on your bed like Kristen Dunst in Bring it On. So turn off the TV and release your inner self by checking out this playlist. 

3. Fresh Finds

Tired of the same old songs that you religiously press play on, then look no further than Fresh Finds. This playlist is the pandora’s box of music that you may have never heard of but will instantly become fans of. Fresh Finds sole intention was to show you all talented featuring up-and-coming artists from all genres that you may have not come across on your own. Ranging from unlabeled to labeled musicians this playlist will allow you to pull yourself out of the monotonous cycle of zoom meetings, chores, or to simply provide that background music while you play on your console, these are the fresh sounds you’ve been looking for. 

4. Nasty Bits

We know you miss music festivals, and we do too! So we wanted to bring you a playlist that makes you feel like you are right in the middle of your favorite DJ set. Nasty Bits is a playlist that features some of those grimy songs you and your friends danced all night  with at Euphoria or ACL. Featuring sounds from producers like Flux Pavilion and NGHTMRE this playlist will totally get you back into your #festivalvibes. Bonus, there are some really rad remixes that you should check out on this list as well. 

5. (Insert Artist Here) Radio

We want to ensure that we are serving your flavor of music, you can ensure we did hit your taste by suggesting you choose your favorite artists radio station and learn about like sounding artists. You will be surprised by how many of your “new” favorite artists that this list will serve you. These playlists are designed to grab similar artists in the same genre and style, which will ensure that you will have a delicious playlist to help you survive the blandness that is COVID-19.

6. Swagger

Since this is the time of being independent and socially distanted, Swagger is that indie playlist you need to hear. I mean how could you say no to spending 3 mintues and 36 seconds with Florence + Machine, not like we are counting down the moments until this shut down is over anyway… But in all seriousness this playlist has classics from Cage the Elephant, Hoizer, and the Black Keys giving you those drum beats to get you moving around your living room. Just because you might not have showered lately doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel good.  

7. Majestic Casual

Majestic Casual is a playlist that will spark the memories and emotions of the better times, it is an easy listening too playlist that will allow those who are working/staying at home during this time of crisis to have something that will allow focus and serenity. This playlist is cool because they hit you with new music weekly, they like to keep things fresh for their subscribers by providing those melodic beats they love so much. You know those thoughts you had of hanging out at the beach with your amigos during spring before COVID-19, this playlist is that. Go hit that heart, you won’t be disappointed in the good vibes this playlist provides.

8. Ill Lyricist

With this new age era of “mumble rap” it’s nice to be able to listen to rappers who actually have something to say. Ill Lyricist playlist is filled with artists from all decades to include The Notorious B.I.G to A.S.A.P Rocky and Machine Gun Kelly, which if you are any type of music buff it’s a nice algorithm of music to have when you are trapped indoors. This playlist will provide you the best hooks, power hitting beats, and six hours of nonstop ill lyricists.

9. Walk Like a Badass

Oh the irony! With social distancing still very much a thing, we want you to still feel like a badass. This playlist has all the riffs and beasts to make you feel like the best version of you while strutting around your homestead doing who knows what. Whether you like the garage rock sound of the Black Keys or the indie-hiphop stylings of Oliver Tree, in this playlist you will find the vibe you need in order to complete even the mundane of tasks at home. Click play and feel better about quarantine. 

10. COVID-19 Quarantine Party

You didn’t think we would have a blog about playlists to listen during quarantine to without an actual COVID-19 playlist did you? COVID-19 Quarantine Party playlist is pretty much a one stop shop for practically anything to listen too, and I mean anything. Put together by user Alistair Ryam, this list includes anything from the Ramones, Britney Spears and The Weeknd. But it doesn’t just stop there, it includes decades of songs from these artists. I mean when was the last time you listened to “Locked Up” by Akon? This is the type of playlist you have playing during your virtual happy hour with all your friends you haven’t seen in 2314243 days we’ve been in quarantine.

We want you to have the be[a]st time while in quarantine so make sure to search these up in Spotify, and hit that subscribe button.