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As digital marketers and brand advocates, we strive to stay ahead of trends & pop culture by bringing what’s relevant to cultivate your ideas while creating a harmonious blend of the two. Our number one goal every day is to make you look and feel like a BEAST.

Founder story

Solving problems with creative thinking is our jam. Beast Creative was started with a vision and purpose of creating an agency that is responsive and ethically priced all while focusing on our internal culture to ensure that our team is happy and healthy; therefore, able to produce top-notch creative for your initiatives.

We focus on providing quality marketing support and ideation for our partners. We love to bring our fresh perspective to our clients. Our team comes from a variety of industries that enables us to combine our experience and come up with creative solutions to support your marketing initiatives. We’ve won awards for our design and ideation but that is not what we hang our hats on. We pride ourselves on our level of service. We look forward to showing you the difference!

Meet our team. Bringing out the BE[a]ST in each other!

Our team consists of talented individuals that work together to bring our clients the best marketing and design solutions. Learn more about us!

No office? Don’t sweat it, we come to you!

Beast prides ourselves on learning and creating around town – we’re hungry for knowledge [pun intended] and strive to know our clients as well as a lion knows his pack. Read more below about how Beast personalizes experiences for our clients!



Noun – a person that is extremely talented at whatever they do and always displays great determination, dedication, and resilience to always win or want to win. (From urban dictionary)

Use it in a sentence? – “Beast Creative Agency has some gnarly talent! Their team is full of beasts!”

TL:DR, we are the unagency. We’ve decided to take the idea of the traditional agency and turn it on its ear. Our approach to customer service and our internal systems has created a unique setting where we can be responsive and fiscally responsible for your needs all while embracing a culture of ideation and passion.

Our team consists of a diverse bunch with various strengths, interests, styles, and hobbies that mixes into a melting pot full of talent and creativity. Get to know our team below!

Building Networks for People

Marketing is a fluid industry, an ever-changing environment. At Beast, we continue to innovate, learn, and impact the marketing industry so that our clients can make waves in their areas of expertise.


Our creative journey with our clients doesn’t end after the “work is done.” We want to fully immerse ourselves in our client’s industries. If it means spending a day in your office working alongside you once a month, meeting in coffee shops, food truck parks, or Six Flags, we’re game!


Our specialty is thinking outside the box. No idea is too small. We take problem-solving to the next level by putting our creative minds together and coming up with the best solutions for your needs.


Tired of the same ol’ same ol’? We are too! The brand execution stage of your project is all about bringing the idea to life. We focus on creating a brand experience that involves strategizing, activating, managing and measuring all aspects of your project to meet your branding needs.

Edy H.

Founder/Web Director

Q: You are about to get into a fight, what song comes on as your soundtrack?
A: Def, the Jet Song from West Side Story.

Fun Fact: I’ve played drums live on the radio and I’m two licenses away from being able to coach soccer professionally.

Alexis P.

Marketing Director

Q: What mildly annoying curse do you wish you could curse people with?
A: I would definitely curse people with the inability to read social cues.

Fun Fact: I played the violin for 14 years, I’m a classically trained singer and I have played the piano for 15 years.

Ashley M.

Business Development Manager

Q: If you could write a new law that everyone had to obey, what law would you create?
A: I would enforce a global lights out where everyone must turn off all private and public lights to enjoy the starry night sky. Or an “Ashley beach day” where I can have a day of my choosing to go to any beach I want and everyone has to find somewhere else to hang out.

Fun Fact: I can beatbox. *mic drop*

John S.

Creative Director

Q:  If you could hack into any one computer, who’s would you choose and why?
A: I would hack NASA so I could find out all the secrets they have about space, alien lifeforms and some cool ray gun tech I could play with.

Fun Fact: I can gleek on command (you should Google it).

Get in touch with our BEAST and join the herd!