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Make your phone and not your head ring with Beast Creative. We believe that digital marketing doesn’t have to be a source of confusion or frustration. Read how RFSA hopped in with our herd and Beasted her way to the top in a highly competitive field.


Understand the Challenges:

In the highly competitive landscape of dermatology in their city, RFSA Dermatology recognized the necessity to stand out digitally. They entrusted Beast Creative Agency with the monumental task of amplifying their online presence in a saturated market brimming with formidable competition. Comprehending the criticality of the situation, we crafted an aggressive yet tailored on-page and local SEO strategy to not just meet their needs, but surpass them. Our mission was to transform their digital footprint, enabling them to dominate their local market and attract a higher volume of patients to their practice.



Our journey began with a comprehensive revamp of RFSA Dermatology’s website. We focused on enhancing user-friendliness, visual appeal, and content relevance. The new website was designed to mirror RFSA’s unique brand identity, making a powerful first impression on visitors. It is packed with valuable, engaging content about their services, ensuring potential patients could easily access the information they needed

Design Refinement for User Experience

Our team at Beast Creative Agency prioritized user experience while redesigning RFSA Dermatology’s website. We introduced easy navigation, an intuitive interface, and clean design aesthetics, ensuring the website not only looks great but also functions seamlessly. The redesign aimed to minimize bounce rates and foster a pleasant browsing experience for every user.


Content Enrichment for Patient Engagement

We also focused on enriching the website with relevant and engaging content. By highlighting RFSA Dermatology’s unique selling points, detailing their services, and sharing patient success stories, we created a website that is informative, engaging, and patient-centric. This content strategy transformed the website into a dynamic resource hub for dermatology patients, thereby boosting visitor engagement and encouraging more appointments. Oh and not to mention we implemented ecommerce for her practice as well.


Local Search Optimization

To enhance organic reach, we conducted a comprehensive SEO audit of RFSA’s website, identifying areas of improvement. We fine-tuned their website content with relevant keywords, refined their meta tags, and confirmed their website’s mobile-friendliness. These efforts significantly improved their website’s ranking in search engine results, leading to a substantial increase in organic traffic.

Google My Business Optimization for Local Dominance

Recognizing the crucial role Google My Business plays in local search optimization, we took a methodical approach to refining RFSA’s GMB profiles across all locations. Our comprehensive overhaul included enhancing descriptions, verifying and updating business information, and regularly posting engaging content and photos. This strategic tuning catapulted RFSA to the top of local search results, significantly increasing their visibility to potential patients in the surrounding areas. The transformation in their ranking is evident from the figures below. In December 2022, their Map rankings were languishing beyond the 20th spot. By July 2023, they had ascended to the coveted top 3 positions within an 11×11 mile grid. It’s worth noting that each square mile houses an estimated 3,200 residents. Multiply that by the 121 square miles within the grid, and you’re looking at heightened visibility among a staggering 387,200 potential local patients.

BTW, we also accomplished this for their other two locations. 💥

Before After

Left is. 5×5 mile grid in Dec 2022, Right is a 11×11 grid in July 23

Consistency Across Online Directories for Credibility

To further solidify RFSA’s local presence, we ensured their business information was consistent across all online directories. Accurate and uniform details across various platforms not only bolstered RFSA’s credibility but also significantly boosted their local search rankings. It’s a subtle yet powerful strategy that strengthens local SEO and fosters trust among potential patients.


Review Management

Understanding the power of reviews in the healthcare industry, we introduced a robust review simplifying requests for reviews post successful appointments and ensuring prompt responses to all reviews, we helped RFSA build a strong reputation. This strategy not only demonstrated that RFSA values patient feedback, but also boosted their trustworthiness and credibility in the eyes of prospective patients.


SEO & Growth

Oh, did we mention RFSA Dermatology isn’t a one-trick pony? They’ve got three different locations, and managing the digital presence of multiple branches could have been a serious headache. But with Beast Creative Agency in their corner, it was a piece of cake.

Here’s the really cool part: all three RFSA locations have snatched up top spots in local search results. Yeah, you read that right. If you’re searching for dermatology in their areas, they’re not just on the map – they’re ruling it.

Got more than one location for your practice or looking to expand? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got the know-how to make each one a digital superstar.

Keyword Strategy for Organic Visibility

A crucial aspect of our SEO refinement process involved a meticulous keyword strategy. We conducted extensive research to identify relevant keywords that potential patients use when searching for dermatological services. By weaving these keywords naturally into RFSA Dermatology’s website content, we improved their organic visibility, attracting a steady stream of targeted traffic to their site.


Acne Psoriasis Dermatitis Skin Cancer Eczema Melanoma Rosacea Botox Skin Care Anti-aging Fillers Laser Therapy

Technical SEO for Seamless Site Functionality

Recognizing the importance of technical aspects for SEO, we ensured RFSA’s website was fully optimized for speed, mobile responsiveness, and easy crawlability by search engines. By fine-tuning these elements, we ensured a smoother user experience, decreased bounce rates, and improved the website’s performance in search engine rankings. This holistic SEO approach significantly increased RFSA’s organic traffic, providing a solid base for sustained growth.


Paid Search Strategy – Ready When Needed

Even though we got a ready-to-roll paid search strategy waiting in the wings, it’s been taking a chill pill. Why? Because our organic SEO efforts are rocking it! RFSA is getting so much attention and new patient bookings that we haven’t needed to dive into the paid ads pool. But don’t worry, it’s ready to make a splash when the time’s right.


Tracking & Metrics - The Secret Sauce

And hey, we don’t just make magic happen and then take a step back. Nope! We’re all about measuring success and making sure things stay on track. We’ve got our eyes glued to the important stuff – organic traffic, local search rankings, patient bookings – you name it.

In the case of RFSA, we’ve seen a smashing jump in website traffic, a 60% surge in local search traffic, and a top spot in local map pack for all their locations. We’ve also generated hundered of calls from the Google my business account – and that’s not even counting the calls coming straight through their website! Must have to do with having over 120+ dermatology focused keyowrds showing up on the first page.

By keeping tabs on these metrics, we can see what’s working, what needs a tweak, and make sure RFSA Dermatology (and hopefully, your practice too) stays in the digital limelight.

Pulling it all Together

Watching RFSA Dermatology rock their digital presence has been a blast! But enough about them – we want to hear about you.

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